Multidimensional Healing
Multidimensional Healing


    When training in myofascial release therapy, I learned about the ‘layers’ of fascia, otherwise known as connective tissue, in the body. The deepest layer is at the core of our body, the dural membranes surrounding and encasing the brain and spinal cord. The intermediate layer is the connective tissue that surrounds and supports our internal organs, bones, nerves, and blood vessels and is an integral part of our muscles, ligaments and tendons. The superficial layer encases our body right under the skin like a suit of long underwear. All these layers are weblike, interspersed and interdependent, and determine our shape and postural alignment. Because the body’s energy flows through the fascia, when memory of trauma or injury is energetically stored in areas of fascial restriction, the normal energetic flow is blocked, causing ‘dis-ease’. Release of the fascial restrictions releases the memory, energy flows, and healing is facilitated. (This is all covered in detail in the chapters of this book.)
From this simple premise, I began an incredible journey. Following are some basic principles that have emerged for me that I would like to share: 
1. Our bodies are all one piece, and what affects any part of it affects the whole. 
2. All layers of the body must be addressed to allow for full release of the whole body. 
3. As parts of the body release and physical mobility changes, mental and emotional agility increases. 
4. To maintain these changes, the central nervous system has to realize the new possibilities for movement and incorporate them into natural motor patterns. 
5. To maintain the physical changes and new natural motor patterns, the energetic body must change to reflect the physical changes. 
6. As parts of the body release, energy releases and flows more freely throughout the entire body.
7. As energy releases, memories emerge for integration into consciousness and subsequent healing of past traumas. 
8. As physical and energetic healing occurs, belief systems shift. 
9. As individual’s belief systems shift, societal paradigms shift. 

This is a wholistic model that I am calling MultiDimensional Healing. We are gradually embracing a new paradigm of medicine called complimentary or integrative medicine. I see the human being’s physical body as a mere shell without its’ energetic component or spiritual essence, like a copper wire without a current running through it. In fact, when there’s nothing electronically going on in a physical body, the medical term for this is death. In the new medical paradigm, we are simply adding information about this ‘energetic component’ and ‘spiritual essence’ to the body of knowledge called allotropic medicine, bringing with it another dimension of healing and wholeness. MultiDimensional Healing is a healing of body, mind, and spirit, for the individual, the medical establishment, and ultimately the planet. Healing from the inside out, and further out, holographically affecting all that is.

  the physical body 
   the cranio-sacral system 
    somato-emotional release 
     neuromuscular re-education 
      energy medicine 
       spirituality and belief systems 
        and holographic healing 

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