Multidimensional Healing


Within our communities we all try to do our best to create a healthier environment.  We drive less or take our bikes. We recycle our waste.  I even heard on the news tonight that some people are becoming 'green' parents by using cloth instead of paper diapers!

And then there is the dilemma of people killing people in wars overseas as well as on our city streets.  Terrorism seems epidemic! We become active in peace movements and social action groups. 

Energetically, peace comes from within...  When we undergo healing of our physical and energetic bodies, we gradually come to a place of introspection, perhaps experience such deep awareness that we realize peace within only comes from letting go of anything that is not peaceful - -

The power of community lies in the understanding that we are all interconnected.  In fact, the deeper we go in community, the more we merge into a group consciousness.  Meeting together in prayer or problem solving  groups to develop this 'deep community', we bring that peace from within to a circle of others doing the same.  By learning to accept the diversity among the group, indeed  embrace the differing points of view, we realize we all bring a different  piece of the same puzzle -- a puzzle we need each other to solve. This is not unlike the Native American Medicine Wheel concept.   And notice, this is not anything like 'tolerating' differences, it is an honoring that allows us to live in peace and use all possible viewpoints to make wise decisions.   An example would be a  small group of  people meeting for meditation. After choosing a topic of discussion, they quietly go into their hearts and speak what comes into the circle. (Kind of like 'brainstorming', but this is 'heartstorming'!) Many times insights and solutions come that one of us alone would never have arrived at...

Multidimensional Healing

from the HeartMath Institute....

“We have countless tasks that fill our days. Though we intersect with others here and there, much of what we do each day we do alone. When all is done and we gather together in community, it is then that the true color, texture and joy of life emerge. In community, we can accomplish great deeds when we share our experience and envision together. 

The Institute of HeartMath cherishes the community of all people and is committed to nurturing it, strengthening it and always finding new ways of giving back.

…The HeartMath De-Stress Workshop is a two-hour program, that is given at no charge to community members. They can learn how stress affects them physically and emotionally as well as effective techniques for reducing stress and building the resilience needed to bring more balance and ease into their daily challenges.”Nonprofit organizations such as veterans centers, churches, support groups assisting battered women’s shelters, agencies helping troubled youth, single parents and others in need are among the many organizations that benefit from the
 HeartMath for Communities Project.