Multidimensional Healing
Multidimensional Healing


Whether trained within the Western medical system or an alternative medicine specialty, after you have served the public for a while you begin to intuitively understand that there is much more than meets the eye concerning healing. Spontaneous remission, the placebo effect, unexplained phenomena surrounding the 'curing' of disease despite all logic... how can these be explained?

It is fascinating to note that many patient's using alternative care will move from practitioner to practitioner.  (For that matter, if insurance permits, patients will move from doctor to doctor!) Intuitively, patient's 'know' whether a practitioner can help them.  I feel this also has to do with the physical/energy body needing to be addressed from many different perspectives.  Perhaps a physical injury requires the chiropractor, physical therapist, or massage therapist. And if the physical injury was the result of an accident or abuse, perhaps a practitioner understanding somato-emotional release would be more helpful.  Oftentimes, the neuromuscular system may need to be addressed for a full return to normal functional activities.  Finally, we get to that 'energy body' we have been talking about. 

Carrie Cameron is a heart-centered practitioner of   Multidimensional Healing
"Using physical and energy techniques as described in this website and the bookMultiDimensional Healing, we will work together at clearing the layers of restriction that are keeping you from healing or feeling your best.  Remember that your physical alignment and discomforts are the clues to where the problems lie.

"Also, by placing my hands on your physical body I am often able to connect with your Higher Self, your 'Soul Self', and discover what is blocking you in the non-physical world. Your personal Spirit Guides, Angels, sometimes even your ancestors might come through during a session to add insights and healing.  As a ‘team’ (sometimes the room gets pretty crowded! ;-)) we will work together to clear your energy body of these blockages, allowing your physical body to feel better and your conscious awareness to improve.
Many Blessings, Carrie"

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​When we accept the premise that the energy body is the organizing 'template' of the physical body, we realize it must also be addressed for any permanent result.  In fact, I have found in my teaching that experienced bodyworkers often do treat the energetic body even when not consciously aware - those are the ones we often say have 'magic hands'.

In my book MultiDimensional Healing, my goal is to help patients and practitioners alike understand the inter-relationship of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic levels of a person's being.  How it is not only helpful but necessary to address all levels to facilitate healing. 

Basic techniques of all these levels are explained enough to allow the average practitioner to at least attempt including them in his/her practice, or, in the very least, help in the process of finding the best referral for the client to have that level addressed.  Often it is a matter of many practitioner's bringing their piece of the puzzle to a patient's healing. 
 Click here for an example of how using these techniques might look for an average patient.