"Using physical and energy techniques as described in this website and the book MultiDimensional Healing, we will work together at clearing the layers of restriction that are keeping you from healing or feeling your best.  Remember that your physical alignment and discomforts are the clues to where the problems lie.

"Also, by placing my hands on your physical body I am often able to connect with your Higher Self, your 'Soul Self', and discover what is blocking you in the non-physical world. Your personal Spirit Guides, Angels, sometimes even your ancestors might come through during a session to add insights and healing.  As a ‘team’ (sometimes the room gets pretty crowded! ;-)) we will work together to clear your energy body of these blockages, allowing your physical body to feel better and your conscious awareness to improve.
Many Blessings, 
Carrie Cameron"

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I am also a trained instructor of the  Institute for HeartMath 
De-Stress Workshops and Resilience Advantage training for staff of nonprofit, community, service, and local government organizations.

Multidimensional Healing
​​More recently, I have obtained a Masters of Divinity degree which has enhanced my understanding of how an individual's belief system will affect their ability to heal, and I've delved into a deeper understanding of the power of prayer - the fifth mode of prayer as described by Gregg Braden in THE ISAIAH EFFECT. The study of quantum physics and the many varied approaches to energy medicine convinced me that treating only the physical body is the tip of the iceburg! Ordained as a Spiritual Peacemaker through the Beloved Community founded by James Twyman, I have traveled on missions of  peace and goodwill to Machu Pichu, Egypt, Israel, Italy and France, and the home of the original peace pole, Japan's Mt Fuji Sanctuary.


Multidimensional Healing

And why is my story so important?

In the whole scheme of things it’s not. But when we look back on our life path, it’s fascinating to observe that everything happened for a reason. Even the crises and challenges contribute valuable learning experiences. As Deepok Chopra so aptly puts it, “every thought is the result of every other thought we have ever had...”

​​​​​Carrie Cameron, P.T. (retired), M.Div.

My formal education and licensure is in the field of Physical Therapy. I've worked in several different specialties with my Physical Therapy degree, performing respiratory therapy functions, burn/ wound care hydrotherapy and rehabilitation, as well as basic orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. My cardiac specialty led me to teaching Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes - and I discovered how much I really enjoyed teaching. When I semi-retired from P.T. to give birth to my babies, I trained and taught Lamaze Classes under the auspices of ASPO/Lamaze. In retrospect, not only was the teaching experience invaluable, but it laid the groundwork for learning/teaching conscious relaxation, deep breathing, guided visualization techniques and clinical hypnosis. As my children grew, a desire to work on the ‘school calendar’ led me to train/work in pediatric physical therapy. I loved working with kids, but had to learn patience and frequently relied on my instincts with the non-verbal children. I realized that learning to follow these instincts was extremely helpful when I began training in and using myofascial release techniques, especially when unwinding procedures allowed somato-emotional releasing. Using myofascial release and craniosacral therapy became the focus of my further training and I expanded to using it not only in pediatric populations, but also with general outpatient orthopedic/chronic pain patients. In the 1990’s, this work began to include horses, and over several years Doris Kay Halstead and I developed a program called Symmetry in Motion. Traveling around the United States visiting horse farms to posturally re-align horses and their riders, we honed our skills not only in deep tissue bodywork and craniosacral therapy, but also in working with the energy body to facilitate healing of the physical body. As I observed the results of this work, it began to shift my entire belief system about pain and healing. I began to think about physical therapy much more wholistically, understanding that we must address and make changes in the entire body and at all levels for true healing to occur.